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Would You Like Your Body to Be a Lean, Fat-Burning Machine?

Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you find yourself engaging in endless, exhausting workouts at the gym but getting no results? Maybe it’s time to change your diet. One of the hottest trends in dieting today is the ketogenic diet.

What Is the Ketogenic (Keto) Diet?

When following a keto diet, the typical ratio is 70-80% of calories from fat, 15-20% of calories from protein and just 5% of calories from carbs such as vegetables grown above ground.

Having a higher fat diet, it reprograms the body to burn fat rather than carbohydrates. When you put your body into a state of “ketosis” your body burns fat instead of burning carbs which your body needs as a source of energy and cellular function. Insulin levels become low and fat burning drastically increases.
The keto diet helps target many underlying causes of weight gain including hormonal imbalances. Another bonus is it’s used to treat underlying medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes and cancer.

People who should contact a physician before starting a ketogenic diet are those who are on medication for blood pressure and diabetes, or if you are breastfeeding.

Will I Be Hungry?

One of the biggest bonuses of the program is less hunger. You’ll also get a steady supply of energy. With the keto diet, you don’t have to limit the number of calories you take in or your portion size. Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to rely on extreme, regimented exercise.

Typical foods you can enjoy on a keto diet are
• Fish and other seafood
• Cheese
• Natural fats
• Eggs
• Meats
• Vegetables that grow above ground

Foods to avoid include those that are full of sugar and starch, such as bread, pasta, potatoes, candy, etc.

You can drink water, tea and coffee on the keto diet. A modest amount of milk or cream is ok—just no sweeteners. Enjoying an occasional glass of wine is allowed too.

Would you like to find out if the keto diet is right for you? Schedule an appointment to have your blood work checked at the practice. You may soon get that fat-burning body you always wanted!

Contact PGA Chiropractic today and learn more about our innovative kenogetic diet.

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