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Why Your Hamstrings Are Still Tight

man and woman stretchingDid you know that most people can’t touch their toes because their hamstrings are too tight? The majority of people will admit to having low back and hamstring tightness. What is not readily understood is how to fix this inflexibility. People think, “Oh let’s stretch the low back and hamstrings then it will get better.” However, it never gets better, and you continue to degenerate over the course of a few decades.

We Are in Hip Flexion 23 Hours a Day

Because we sleep, travel, eat and work in hip flexion, we often have tight and inflexible hip flexors. When we finally do stand we don’t achieve the full hip extension which puts a strain on our low back and hamstring muscles. We end up slightly bent forward, a position that activates hamstrings to shorten. As a result, a tight sensation is experienced. To alleviate this issue, the hip flexors must be lengthened so full hip extension can be achieved, and the hamstring and low back muscles can relax.

Stretching Your Hip Flexors

To stretch your hip flexors, we will have you lie on your side, before bending your knee and extending your hips. I will place my hand at your pelvis and pull your knee (in a bent position) behind you. You will feel a stretch in the front of your quad. When the stretching is performed on both sides, it’s likely that your low back pain will be cut by more than half.

We invite you to book an evaluation so we can see if your hip flexors are causing a problem. If they are, I will fix them. Call today to make an appointment!

Excerpt: Do you know why most people are unable to touch their toes?

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