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Why Sitting Can Be a Real Pain in the Neck

neck and back painWe do it while we’re working, driving and watching TV. It’s sitting, of course, and it truly can be a pain in the neck. In fact, 30 percent of my patients come in with neck pain. They all complain of the pain after holding a seated forward posture for a prolonged period. This posture causes the shoulder muscles to constantly feel tight.

After an extended period, discomfort will move between the shoulder blades or down the arm. This discomfort is caused by your cervical discs starting to bulge and herniate.

Stand up for Your Health

A change in behavior is needed to reverse this condition and keep it corrected. Once you stand up or change posture the discomfort will start returning to your spine and then be alleviated. Doing proactive exercises that are specific to you are also helpful, as is getting up every hour or so.
I advise my patients to either get a standing desk, raise their monitor or have them sit in a more recumbent posture. This position takes the stress off of the cervical discs and musculature and places it back on the spine where it should be.

Chiropractic Plus Customized Exercises

Over the course of a few weeks (or about 3-5 visits), we can help you achieve correction and eliminate your neck pain. The only time we don’t is due to a patient’s noncompliance, or when more work needs to be done in strengthening their core or postural muscles.

Customized exercises and ergonomic solutions also can help you live better, pain-free. Schedule an appointment today! When you come in, I can show you my office chair, and how it’s set up.


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