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The Most Important Type of Care We Offer

In the 25 years I’ve been practicing, I’ve seen a lot of patients and every once and a while we have a story that touches our heart.

Mystery Pain

Recently, a patient who was a nurse had low back and pelvic pain for approximately six months. She had been to her primary care physician who prescribed painkillers, put her on bed rest and told her to take it easy. After several months of no progress, she then tried her orthopedic doctor.

The orthopedic physician referred her to me for a second opinion. I performed a comprehensive evaluation which included orthopedic and chiropractic exams and reviewed her X-rays.

She also mentioned hearing a popping sound in the front of her pelvis. Due to this symptom and her examination in our office, an MRI was needed before I would begin care.

The Results Are In

I sent her out to have an MRI that same day. The MRI revealed several lesions along her spine. She was sent to an oncologist the next day to get the specialized care she needed.

In this case, it was imperative that we found the problem as soon as possible to give her the best chance of recovery. I was glad to have been able to help her discover the true problem in her lower back and pelvis.

At this time, she’s doing well in treatment and responding to care. If she would have waited much longer to find out about her cancer, it may have been too late.

When NOT to Treat a Patient

This story demonstrates when we will not treat a patient and when we’ll make an appropriate referral to a trusted doctor. If you’re best suited for care here, we’ll most certainly take care of you.

At PGA Chiropractic Health Center we always have your best interest in mind. With thorough care, full evaluations and the desire to see you heal, we’ll do whatever it takes for you to get the care you need. Call us today! (561) 775-9111

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