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Reversing Diabetes

Diabetes, among heart disease and cancer, is one of the most prevalent diseases our society is burdened with today. In fact, between 2001 and 2009, diabetes increased by 30% in children aged 10-19. A global epidemic, nearly 80 million people suffer with this disease and 70,000 people die each year from complications.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a degenerative illness caused by insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that takes the sugar that you eat and places it into your muscles, liver and fat cells for energy. When you have insulin resistance, the muscles, liver and fat cells do not absorb the sugar, giving you high blood sugar that is diagnosed as diabetes.

The traditional medical management of diabetes is injecting insulin into the patient or using invasive drugs to force the sugar into the tissues. This is flawed because the patient is producing too much insulin as it is. Studies have shown that this “treatment” will do more harm than good over time. It’s important to note that treating diabetes with insulin is far from a cure—once you’re on insulin, you won’t get off of it.

The cause of insulin resistance is 100% related to how you live your life. Even though genetics loads the gun, your lifestyle pulls the trigger. If you have a genetic background of diabetes, your lifestyle will determine whether or not you get it.

Beating Diabetes

The cause of diabetes is a combination of a slow metabolic rate (reversible), eating too much (reversible), organ or gland dysfunction (reversible) and a lack of physical activity (reversible). Reversing diabetes is possible, feasible and doesn’t require much effort when motivated. It’s true that not every diabetic has the same situation, but every diabetic has the chance to reverse his or her condition, which can be done through a specific plan and mentoring by a specialist.

If your doctor has diagnosed you with diabetes or labeled you as pre-diabetic and you would like to reverse it, give us a call today and schedule your first consultation.

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