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How Kinesio Tape Helps

Woman with Kinesio tapingKinesio taping was developed 30 years ago and is finally now being recognized as a therapeutic approach to musculoskeletal injuries. Most people know what it is at first glance, and those who have had it done know it works. But why?

It’s All in the Tissue

First, you must understand what the tape is and the tissues that the tape is acting on. To put it simply, Kinesio tape is a flexible, elastic, waterproof tape that is placed over painful areas. It acts on several tissues to yield a therapeutic effect. The first tissue it acts on is the skin. The tape, being elastic, allows it to lift the skin a few millimeters off of the underlying tissue to improve lymphatic drainage (drainage of toxins) and improve circulation which allows more fresh blood in and used blood out. This decreases pain because nerves stimulate pain chemically. By improving circulation, you allow these chemicals to be moved away from nerves and processed properly. The second tissue it acts on is sensory receptors in your skin and fascia. To make this easier to explain, think about a time you’ve accidentally burned your hand. Your immediate response was most likely to shake your hand. Shaking your hand stimulates these receptors, decreasing your sensation of pain. Placing the tape on the skin and activating these receptors decreases pain sensation. Another key aspect with Kinesio tape is that it allows full range of motion, which will also improve lymphatic drainage. Your lymphatic system is responsible for detoxing every tissue. What propels the toxins through the lymph vessels is muscle movement. By allowing muscles to have complete ranges of motion while healing, unless ruptured or unstable, they will heal faster. Kinesio taping is not used for just athletes! Most of my patients will get taped before they leave my office because I like them to heal faster and feel better in between visits.

Learn How Kinesio Can Help You

If you have chronic or acute pain and are interesting in being taped, call the office and set up a consultation today!

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