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COVID-19 Update

We’re here for you!

As the global situation of COVID-19 continues to evolve, we take our role seriously as an essential service provider in Palm Beach Gardens. We are here to assist anyone who may be struggling with headaches, neck, back, joint or muscular pain.

While we are concerned about the spread of COVID-19, we understand that these last few weeks of heightened stress have caused an increase in acute musculoskeletal problems. As always, our health care center abides with all CDC guidelines in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. This includes changing our linens after each and every use and disinfecting all equipment and supplies after each and every use. Although these are the current CDC guidelines, they have been PGA Health Center’s guidelines for many years.

Current Treatment Parameters

To allow us to continue taking care of your health care needs, we are sharing with you our current treatment parameters to keep everyone safe!

We have updated patient scheduling to only allow 8 patients to be seen an hour.
If any rehab is being performed in the gym, we are limiting the capacity to 3 patients per hour. They are expected to use the cavicide wipes that are around the gym to wipe down each and every piece of equipment used. No patients will be within 6 feet of another patient per current CDC guidelines.

We encourage all patients to wait in their car instead of our reception room. We will text/call to let you know when your room is available. Doors will be opened to allow entrance without touching any door handle. Copays and co-insurances can be paid in the rooms instead of at the front desk to allow easy patient flow with proper social distancing.

Upon request, we can wear gloves and procedural masks.

We also ask any patients who have traveled or have been around any who has contracted COVID-19 to refrain from making appointments until after their 14 day self quarantine has passed.


For our functional medicine patients, we are offering telehealth services and shipping for all products needed to stay on your nutritional protocols.

For our physical therapy patients, we are offering Medicare covered telehealth services. All you have to do is call/text to schedule.

We will continue to keep you posted as events occur. We look forward to serving you well as we navigate through this unprecedented crisis.

Doctors and team at PGA Health Center.