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Palm Beach Gardens Chiropractor
for Revitalized Health

Welcome to Discover Customized Care at PGA Chiropractic Health Center

Would you like to feel better? Move better? Sleep better? At PGA Chiropractic Health Center, Palm Beach Gardens chiropractor Dr. James Cima can help you achieve optimal health and wellness by restoring your musculoskeletal system to its peak functioning condition. Best of all, our approach is natural and noninvasive.

Taking the Time to Listen

At PGA Chiropractic Health Center, you’ll never feel like a number and you won’t be rushed. Dr. James treats each patient as a unique individual. He will genuinely listen to your concerns, taking notes and asking questions. He gets to know you as a person, not just the symptomatic you. In addition to helping you get out of pain, Dr. James will also take the time to define your health goals — whatever they may be — and then help you achieve them.

Discovering Care for All Ages

At PGA Chiropractic Health Center, we enjoy caring for patients of all ages, from children to seniors. We also care for pregnant women so they can experience the healthiest and most comfortable pregnancy possible. We encourage you to embrace chiropractic care as an effective way to achieve your best health and life.

Auto Accident Care

Whether you’ve been involved in a fender bender or a more serious auto accident, your body has experienced trauma that needs to be addressed. Unlike drugs and injections, which may be necessary right after the incident, chiropractic care doesn’t mask the pain.

Getting on the Path to Better Health

You don’t have to put up with pain and less-than-optimal health. Start experiencing restored health and vitality by scheduling an appointment today!

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