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Family Medicine in Palm Beach Gardens

marnie-nickels-pga-chiropractic-family-medicineAt PGA Chiropractic, we believe in providing the best care for our patients. That’s why, in addition to chiropractic care, nutrition and physical therapy, we are pleased to offer our patients an integrated approach to family medicine.

Meet Marnie Nickels, Family Nurse Practitioner

As the newest member of our practice family, Marnie is a former ER nurse who was looking for a change. Always up for a challenge, she decided to continue her education to become a nurse practitioner. She graduated in September 2017 with her license. As an advocate for her own health, Marnie is also passionate about helping patients take a proactive, integrated approach to better health.


“There’s a healthier way to live versus going directly to your doctor for a prescription,”


Marnie provides patients with an array of family medicine services at PGA Chiropractic Health Center:

• Annual physicals
• Sick care
• Urgent care
• Women’s yearly health exams

We also plan to offer in the future functional medicine and stem cell PRP trigger point injections.

Take Control of Your Health

Instead of putting a bandage on the problem, we get to the root with chiropractic, nutrition and physical therapy, while also utilizing the best modern medicine has to offer. Contact us today to book an appointment with Marnie!


Family Medicine Palm Beach Gardens FL | Nurse Practitioner Marnie Nickels

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